Gain technical fluency in the field of web design with professionals

by | May 17, 2022 | Advanced Web Designing | 0 comments

Is web designing your field of interest? And do you want to stay ahead of all trends, methods, and knowledge in the field? is a complete package providing you the opportunity to gain technical fluency in web design. 

To get a complete hold of anything, you need to be thorough with the basics and learn the skill from its roots. So the basic principles are important! Web design is more than just design, a lot of technical aspects are included in it. 

The technical aspects of web design include the user interface, experience, graphics, communications, etc., and not just coding, for one to be fluent in web design they have to touch upon all of these aspects. Technical knowledge should always be backed with theoretical knowledge, a good source of data/ study materials can help you understand the concepts better. 

The first step is to choose the typography, select a set of fonts in which the website content will be displayed, choose a colour palette, and only then start working on the basic skeleton of the site. This will be like a base for you to work on the website better and build a balanced composition between design and content.  

This one technical skill is highly focused here at pixel academy. You Don’t just code, but also understand the underlying design principles taught by the best in class professionals in the field and set yourself apart from your competition. 

To be fluent in all aspects you need practice and hands-on experience. You have to work on live projects in a real IT environment, this will give you the needed exposure. Especially with the opportunities provides and the brands they can help you associate with can kick start your career. 

Apart from real-time projects for you to prove your fluency in the field, a strong portfolio is required. We also help you build and host your site on our servers. 

Pixel Academy will offer you all the above with more! From placement support to doubt clearance, master and become fluent in the field of web design with us!