The Complete Guide to Placement Preparation 

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It is just a matter of months till you graduate and you are at the look out to ace your placements and join a well-reputed company. We have got your back. Presenting to you a complete guide to placement preparation, dive in! 

  1. Your Niche 

Step No.1 is choosing your niche. What area would you want to work in, what role, identifying the skills you possess, will help you identify your niche. You will get what you want, only if you apply for the right role 

  1. Aptitude tests

Second, preparing for aptitude and MCQ tests as most companies follow this method, especially if you are applying for a technical role to shortlist candidates. Practicing generic sample tests can be a great help. 

  1. Resume/CV 

Your next step is to type down your resume/CV. Make sure to mention your education, past work or internship experience, and a description of all the professional and technical skills you possess and the areas of work you are interested in. Highlighting software knowledge such as HTML, CSS, etc, will catch the recruiter’s eye. 

  1. Add on courses 

Taking up extra courses apart from your degree is a must. It adds to your knowledge and makes you stand out. 

Pixel Academy offers in-class web development courses, where along with coding you are also equipped with underline design principles, adding a lot more value to your knowledge.

  1. LinkedIn account : 

Having an active LinkedIn account is one of the most modern and essential step in your placement preparation these days. Many recruiters would ask to see yours. It greatly reflects on your way of communication and connections, in the field. 

  1. Portfolio : 

The next step after your resume must be developing a portfolio, showcasing the best of your work. You can make use of sites like Behance for a creative portfolio or other similar sites, this will look more professional. 

At “Pixel Academy” we help you build and host your portfolio websites on our server and showcase your projects to others.

  1. Company research : 

Research the company, its vision and the role, so you can highlight the skills which the role needs, this will make the recruiter vouch for you.

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These were some major steps one should definitely consider while preparing for placements. Apart from this, interacting with the company’s colleagues, your seniors and peers from the same field, asking them for tips, reviewing and asking for feedback, will give you an idea on how you can present yourself .At we guide you through it all!  Most importantly, be confident and ace that placement interview!